How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in New Hampshire

Renewal of Teaching Certification

Certified teachers in New Hampshire who are employed in a New Hampshire school system can renew their teaching credentials online through the Educator Information System (EIS). Payments can be made online, and superintendent recommendations for teacher renewal have to also be submitted online. The superintendent’s recommendation verifies that you have finished adequate PD during the term of your license for renewal. Contact the PD Committee in your school district for info on the renewal process.

Suppose you are not employed in a New Hampshire school system and wish to renew your teaching license. In that case, you have to submit proof of 75 continuing education units during the past 3 years of the validity of your license. This has to include 30 units for each area of endorsement and 45 units relating to educator competency. Assessmentsples of appropriate types of continuing education can be found here. Renew your teaching credential using this form.

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

If your New Hampshire teaching license has lapsed, you have to show proof of 75 continuing education units taken within the past 3 years. You are responsible for renewal late fees as applicable. If your credential lapsed more than eight years ago, you have to start all over and apply for licensure again via a paper form, as your paper records will have been deleted.

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