How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in New Mexico

Renewal of Teaching Certification

If you upgrade your Level 1 New Mexico Teaching License to a Level 2, you have to:

To upgrade from a Level 2 license to a Level 3A license, you have to:

  • Have 3 full years of teaching experience while possessing a Level 2 license and complete one of the following conditions:
    • Earn a master’s degree and submit a PD Dossier OR
    • Be Nationally Board Certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

You can renew a Level 3A license online through the Same Level Licensure system and submit the New Mexico Continuing Licensure Application. You might be asked to submit a statement from your superintendent recommending your licensure continuation or.

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

If your license lapses, you can be able to have it reinstated, or you might have to re-apply for a Level 1 license. Contact the Professional Licensure Bureau of the New Mexico Public Education Department at 505-827-5821 for more info.

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