How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in Ohio

Renewal of Teaching Certification

To obtain your initial Four-Year Resident Educator License to a Professional Educator License, you have to finish the state’s Ohio Resident Educator Program. This program gives support to new educators. After one year, you will undergo a Formative Progress Review. If your mentor(s) determine that you are prepared at the end of 4 years, you can apply for the Five-Year Professional Educator License.

To renew your Professional Educator License, you have to meet specific PD conditions based upon your area of licensure. If you work in an Ohio school district, you will draw up an Individual PD Plan (IPDP) sanctioned by the Local PD Committee. This IPDP will outline how you will meet the following PD conditions:

  • 6 credit hours of coursework relevant to classroom teaching and/or your area of licensure


  • 18 continuing education units of equivalent activities sanctioned by the LPDC

If you are not employed in an Ohio school district, you have to complete 6 credit hours of coursework.

All coursework has to be finished by September 1st of the year your license lapses. The semester hour condition to 9. Appropriate PD activities are listed here. You can renew your license utilizing this form.

After you have amassed nine years of experience, with at least 5 years under a professional license, obtained a master’s degree, and finished the Master Teacher portfolio demonstrating that you have achieved teaching mastery, you can apply for the Senior Professional Educator License.

Suppose you wish to go further and achieve the Lead Professional Educator License. In that case, you have to attain a master’s degree, nine years of teaching experience, at least 5 years are via a professional or senior professional license, and show excellent performance by becoming Nationally Board Certified or finishing the Master Teacher portfolio and containing the Teacher Leader endorsement.

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

If your Ohio teaching license lapsed, and you wish to have it reinstated, you have to pay $20 on top of the $200 renewal fee to have the lapsed license reinstated to a 5-year license and meet the PD conditions outlined above. The renewal application form above can be used to reinstate your license.

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