How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in Vermont

Renewal of Teaching Certification

When a teacher licensure lapses, the Virginia Department of Education requires teachers to renew their initial Level I licenses after 3 years. The conditions for renewal differ for both Levels I and Level II teacher licensure holders.

Level I Teachers

Level I teacher licenses are good for 3 years, after which they have to be renewed. Teachers who are working in Vermont schools have to renew their licenses through their local school districts.

For teachers who are not working in Vermont schools but are up for licensure renewal, the DOE requires documentation of professional growth. To renew a Level I license, teachers have to show 3 PD credits for each endorsement area. Each development credit is equivalent to 15 hours of PD activity.

Candidates can find a list of all sanctioned PD activities here. To show they’ve finished the credits, teachers have to complete a confirmation worksheet.

Level II Teachers

Level II licensure holders have to develop an Individual PD Plan to renew their licenses. While creating their individual plans, teachers design 3 specific goals to enhance their careers and educational methods.

While Level I holders need only complete 3 PD credits, Level II holders have to show they’ve obtained nine PD credits. Three of those nine credits have to focus on the teachers’ endorsement area. Activities that qualify for credits can be found here.

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

Teachers who did not renew their licenses before they lapsed have to apply for reinstatement. Teachers seeking Level I or II licensure reinstatement have to complete many of the exact conditions as simply renewing their licenses. To be reinstated, candidates have to provide fingerprinting info and submit to a criminal history background check. More info on conditions and background checks can be found on the reinstatement application.

Candidates for renewal and reinstatement can submit their finished forms, documentation, and application fee of $280 to the VDOE at:

Vermont Department of Education

Office of Licensing and Professional Standards

120 State Street

Montpelier, VT 05620-2501

For more info on teacher license renewal in Vermont, contact the DOE at 802-828-6543.

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