How to Renew or Reinstate a Teachers License in Washington

Renewal of Teaching Certification

Washington has several options for teachers looking to renew their teacher licensures. A Residency Teacher License can only be renewed once, after which license holders have to apply for a Professional Teacher License. There are two ways a Residency Teacher License can be renewed:

The ProTeach Assessment is a portfolio that consists of 3 areas. Candidates’ portfolios are assessments from professional growth, curriculum, instruction, and community building levels to show that the candidate is working to improve.

During the NBPTS Assessment, candidates are asked to show their content knowledge through 6 exercises designed for their endorsement areas.

Renewing a Residency Teacher License allows a candidate another two years before applying for a Professional Teacher License. This gives them enough time to finish either the ProTeach Assessment or NBPTS licensure required to earn their Professional Teacher License.

Professional Teacher Certification seekers have 3 options when upgrading from a Residency Teacher License:

  • Finalize the ProTeach Assessment
  • Possess licensure from the NBPTS
  • Possess a Washington Continuing Teaching License, in addition to completion of coursework on Issues of Abuse.

The Residency Renewal and Professional Teacher Certification app can be found here. Teachers seeking renewal or professional licenses should finish applicable forms and submit their finished application to their local Educational Service District.

Teaching Certification Reinstatement

Teachers who meet the conditions for the ProTeach Assessment but whose licenses have lapsed can apply for reissuance. A reissued residency teacher license is good for 3 years and requires a Residency Teacher Reissuance form.

Educators seeking reinstatement should finish the form and mail it with a $33 processing fee to:

Fiscal Office

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Old Capitol Building

PO Box 47200

Olympia, WA 98504-7200

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