How to safely clean the sensor of your DSLR?


We present to you today a really useful tutorial. We will show you how to properly clean your DSLR sensor step by step, in a 100% reliable method that you can apply yourself at home, in just a few minutes. To clean the camera sensor, the most reliable and popular method has been chosen today: dry cleaning. It will allow you to clean the sensor of your device in a minute and a half watch in hand.

Step by step guide: how to clean the sensor?

One of the great fears of both amateur and professional photographer arises when it comes to cleaning the sensor of their SLR camera at home. We know that the sensor is a delicate part of the camera, but there are reliable, risk-free methods that leave our sensor like new in a few minutes and without leaving your home or having to carry your camera. to the technical service.

This is the case with dry cleaning, which does not use any type of liquid whatsoever, therefore without risk. This system is based on brushes with adherent properties that gently remove dirt from the . Let’s see what it is, step by step. Here we show you how to perfectly clean your sensor in three easy steps.

1. How do I know if the sensor is dirty?

The first thing to know is to make sure that the sensor is really dirty and that it needs to be cleaned. How to verify it? It’s easy: take a picture of a completely flat, even surface to identify even the smallest stain.

To take the picture, we recommend that you select the smallest possible aperture on your camera, f / 22 for example, while keeping the ISO sensitivity at a minimum, ISO 100, for example. Take a test shot by shooting a clear sky and focusing at infinity.

2. Unlock the mirror to access the sensor

According to DZOFilm, once you have verified that your sensor needs a good cleaning, it is now time to get down to it. The first thing to do is to remove the lens installed on the camera. Then go into the menu and look in the settings for the one that allows you to unlock the mirror.

All cameras have a function that allows this, with a name specific to each brand. In my case, I just had to activate the latter, then press the shutter for the mirror to rise. And I was able to access the camera’s sensor to clean it up.

Clean the sensor easily and safely

It was easy, wasn’t it? If this tutorial has been useful to you, share it with your fellow photographers so that they in turn can learn how to clean the device of their camera, in a method as reliable as dry cleaning, and very quickly too. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you use another method to clean your camera’s sensor, please let us know below or on social media.

Keep in mind that this method is effective for clumps of dust and dirt that often appear on the device, but is not recommended for oil stains, for example.

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