How to Set High Expectations for Your Learners


Setting high expectations involves requiring learners to put in maximum effort during their lessons. High expectations do not mean expecting all learners to meet a certain standard. Instead, it means expecting each learner to try to beat their own personal best.


  • High expectations are necessary to ensure that learners continue to strive for improvement. Without high expectations in the classroom, learners can become complacent and lose respect for education.


  • Instructors need to be aware that sometimes learners have off days due to a variety of factors.
  • Instructors need to balance high expectations with compassion for their learners.


  1. Measure learners’ prior knowledge to ascertain their current developmental level.
  2. Have learners aim to achieve at or above their current ability in a given task.
  3. If learners underperform, provide formative feedback and insist they revise their work to make edits and improvements.
  4. Allow learners to progress to new tasks only when their work has met or exceeded the minimum standard you set for them.
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