How to Support Teachers through Standardized Testing Season


Standardized testing season can be a challenging and stressful time for teachers, as they work tirelessly to prepare students for success on these high-stakes exams. In this article, we will explore some effective ways to lend support to teachers during this demanding period, so they can focus on their core mission – fostering students’ learning and success.

1. Provide Emotional Support

The pressure of ensuring that students perform well on standardized tests can take its toll on teachers emotionally. As a colleague or an administrator, take the time to acknowledge and validate their feelings, listen empathetically to their concerns, and engage in regular conversations. Simple acts of kindness and encouragement can significantly boost teacher morale during the testing season.

2. Foster Collaboration in Teaching

Encourage teachers to work together in lesson planning, sharing strategies and ideas for achieving common goals. By forming collaborative study groups or implementing team teaching methods, educators can learn from one another while reducing the stress of managing everything individually.

3. Offer Professional Development Opportunities

Teachers need guidance on effective teaching strategies for standardized tests. Offer professional development workshops led by experienced educators who have proven success with high-stakes testing environments. These opportunities enable teachers to improve their skills and feel more confident in their abilities to support student learning during this demanding time.

4. Reduce Administrative Burdens

A teacher’s workload is heavy during regular periods, let alone when preparing for standardized tests. Coordinate with administrators to reduce non-teaching related tasks by streamlining paperwork procedures or seeking volunteers from the parent community who can help with other administrative duties.

5. Organize Stress Management Activities

Plan stress-relieving activities that allow educators to de-stress during the testing season. Examples could include yoga classes, massage therapy sessions, or access to relaxation spaces where they can unwind whenever needed.

6. Create a Positive Environment

Teachers need a positive and supportive work environment during the testing season. Make a conscious effort to maintain high levels of morale by celebrating small victories and complementing hard work. This could include sending encouraging emails, organizing breakfasts or lunches, or decorating the teacher’s lounge with uplifting messages.

7. Seek Feedback from Teachers

Equally important is to listen to teachers’ perspectives on their needs during this time. Encourage them to voice their concerns and offer suggestions for improvement. Demonstrating a commitment to their well-being by openly engaging in dialogue and taking action goes a long way in providing support.


Standardized testing season is demanding on both students and teachers alike. By investing in teachers’ emotional, professional, and physical well-being during this time, you can help lighten the burden they carry as they prepare their students for success. Through collaboration, professional development, stress management, and fostering a positive workplace environment, we can ensure that our hardworking educators feel genuinely supported during the high-stakes testing season.

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