How to Use a Learner-Instructor Conference to Boost Student Achievement


A learner-instructor conference is a one-on-one discussion between a learner and an instructor to take stock of a learner’s needs. The conference usually involves a review of both strengths and areas for improvement. The meeting must conclude with a list of goals for the instructor and learner to strive toward mutually.


  • An opportunity for both the instructor and learner to express concerns and anxieties.
  • Helps learners to feel “seen,” valued, and cared for by the instructor.


  • Hard to achieve the objective in every lesson. Instructors could consider systematically conferring with one or two learners per lesson until all learners have their needs met.
  • There is a power imbalance in the learner-instructor relationship, which may prevent learners from speaking candidly.


  1. Print a list of your learners with columns for achievements, goals, and struggles. Over one week, meet with your learners and talk to them about what they’ve achieved over the last week, what their goals are, and what obstacles may prevent them from achieving those goals.
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