How To Use and Teach Sign Language

There are many excellent reasons to teach sign language to your kids, even if you never have a deaf or hard of hearing learner in your classroom. It introduces children to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community, which has a rich history and significant culture. This is maybe the most important. It gives children a means of communication with members of that community, wherever they may run into them. One lesson that is always worthwhile is embracing variety in all manifestations.

We’ve gathered some fantastic materials to assist you in teaching sign language to your pupils. It’s crucial to remember that these tools are intended for people who use American Sign Language (ASL). British Sign Language is among the many sign languages used in other nations. The process reduces the alphabet, and other fundamental and significant signs are often the main areas of concentration. Visit the website Signing Savvy if you’re looking for signs that aren’t covered by these sites.

For better classroom management, teach sign language.

To aid in classroom management, many teachers now use simple signs. With the help of these signs, children can speak to you swiftly and discretely without interfering with the lesson’s progress. Visit For the Love of Teachers to see how one educator employs this technique.

If you decide to incorporate the fundamentals of sign language into your classroom management plan, be sure to place the signs in their wider context. By learning more about ASL, you can demonstrate respect for the people who use it as their primary form of communication.

Watch children’s gesture recognition videos.

Prepared to teach your pupils the fundamentals of ASL? A wonderful place to start is Vimeo. Several videos are available that educate kids of all ages in sign language. Some of our favorites are listed here.

Learn ASL With Blue’s Clues 

Learn the ASL fingerspelling alphabet first, then the signs for other emotions, such as “scared” and “enthusiastic.” You’ll discover Blue’s Clues along the way!

Jack Hartmann Animal Signs 

Since they are so descriptive, animal signals are exceptionally enjoyable to learn and simple to remember. After each animal, you might want to pause the movie and show your children how to make the sign during the first few times.

Let’s Make Friends (Signing Time) 

Signing Time is a well-known TV program for young children interested in learning ASL. One of the best reasons to learn any modern language is to help children understand the signs they need to make friends.

ASL Alphabet Lesson. 

Any word can be written out using the ASL fingerspelling alphabet if you are familiar with it. This instructional video for children is presented by a young student who takes the time to quickly explain each letter.

20+ Basic Sign Language Phrases For Beginners 

This video, which provides fundamental ASL conversational terms and phrases, will appeal to older pupils. It discusses when and how to utilize introductory language, greetings, and more.

Get ideas and exercises for sign language that is free to print.

Use free printables to reinforce the principles from the video. They contain common children’s books and songs and basic phrases and fingerspelling.

ASL Alphabet Flashcards

These free fingerspelling flashcards come in various designs, with the option to include both the printed letter and the sign alone. Even a pencil drawing style that’s ideal for coloring exists!

ASL Numbers Chart and Cards

These free fingerspelling flashcards come in various designs, with the option to include both the printed letter and the sign alone. Even a pencil drawing style that’s ideal for coloring exists!

ASL Alphabet Puzzles

With these puzzles, children can use fingerspelling to match upper and lower case letters. Include them in a group exercise or alphabet learning station.

I Have… Who Has… ASL Alphabet Cards

In school, we adore playing “I have… who has…” Help your children learn the alphabet by using these cards.

ASL Colors Flashcards

These no-cost cards can be used to learn the ASL signals for colors. We advise watching this Sign Time film with them to see each sign in action.

Old MacDonald Signs

The ideal song for new signers is “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”! They can practice their fingerspelling while listening to the chorus and pick up many new animal signals.

Top 10 Beginner Signs

The signs on this poster serve as a helpful reminder. 

ASL Sight Words

Associating fingerspelling with conventional spelling is a great way to engage active learners. Because of the physical activity, they may find it simpler to memorize the right letters. Visit the link to download free printable cards for 40 sight words.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear in ASL

Your subsequent storytime experience should include ASL! The complete book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is available for free download. Find more of it on the author’s TpT store if you like it.

Everyone Is Welcome Sign

There isn’t a better way to convey to students that everyone is welcome in your classroom. Use the free printables from the website to make a sign or banner for your wall after downloading them.

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