How to Use Nintendo Switch with a Keyboard and Mouse


The Nintendo Switch, since its release, has significantly impacted the gaming world with its innovative design, top-notch gaming titles, and flexible gaming options. For many gamers, the default controllers provide an excellent and enjoyable gaming experience. However, PC gamers might prefer a more familiar setup of using a keyboard and mouse. In this article, we will explore how you can use a keyboard and mouse with your Nintendo Switch for an enhanced gaming experience.

Step 1: Acquire a compatible keyboard and mouse

To connect a keyboard and mouse to your Nintendo Switch, you need to ensure that they are compatible. Most USB wired keyboards and mice can be used on the console. Wireless options require them to have either a USB dongle or Bluetooth support. It’s important to note that not all Bluetooth keyboards or mice work with the Nintendo Switch.

Step 2: Connect the peripherals

For wired USB keyboards and mice, simply plug them into two available USB ports on the docking station. If using wireless peripherals with a USB dongle, insert the dongle into one of the USB ports on the dock.

If using Bluetooth peripherals:

– Go to Settings > Controllers & Sensors on your Nintendo Switch.

– Scroll down to “Find & Connect Controllers” and click “Change Grip/Order.”

– Put your Bluetooth keyboard or mouse in pairing mode (consult the device’s manual if you’re unsure how).

– The Nintendo Switch should display your device as “Pro Controller” or similar.

– Click on it to pair.

Step 3: Customize controls for games

While some games may automatically recognize your keyboard and mouse setup, others may require you to remap controls manually in the game settings. Explore these settings in each game to optimize performance according to your preferences.

Step 4: Using a third-party adapter (optional)

For further customization and better compatibility with some games, you can use a third-party adapter like the GameSir VX AimSwitch.

These devices allow you to map buttons to specific keys or mouse movements, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

To use the GameSir VX AimSwitch:

– Connect the USB dongle to your Nintendo Switch dock.

– Connect the keyboard and mouse to the adapter.

– Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assigning buttons and sensitivity adjustments.


In summary, using a keyboard and mouse with your Nintendo Switch can take your gaming experience to new heights, making it even more enjoyable and comfortable for PC gamers. By following these steps, you can easily connect and customize your preferred peripherals to your console and tackle your favorite games with ease. Happy gaming!

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