How to Use Sheltered Instruction in the Classroom

Sheltered instruction is a strategic approach to teaching English language learners that allows learners to understand content as they develop language proficiency. To use sheltered instruction in the classroom, you have to implement the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model, which is a research-based model of sheltered instruction designed to allow English language learners to grasp academic content while developing language proficiency.

The SIOP Model consists of eight interconnected parts:

  • Lesson Preparation
  • Building Background
  • Comprehensible Input
  • Strategies
  • Interaction
  • Practice/Application
  • Lesson Delivery
  • Review & Assessment

By leveraging instructional techniques connected to each of these parts, teachers can design and deliver lessons that meet the diverse linguistic needs and academic of English language learners.

Implementing the SIOP Model in your classroom

Are you looking to implement the SIOP model into your classroom? Don’t worry, we have you covered. The video below provides an overview of the SIOP model, and discusses how teachers can successfully use it to educate English language learners.  

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