How to Write a Story in Future Tense?

Writing in the future tense is an excellent way to add a sense of urgency or foreboding to a story. It can also be used to hint at future events without giving away the entire plot.

To write in the future tense, begin by taking a moment to imagine what the future might hold for your character or characters. What might happen if they didn’t take action? What if they made a different choice? Once you have a good idea of what the future might look like, start to build tension by hinting at events that might happen but haven’t yet. For example, you might say that your character is concerned about the future, but they don’t know what to do. Alternatively, you might describe a confrontation between two characters that haven’t taken place yet.

Keep in mind that the future tense should be used sparingly. Too much foreshadowing can ruin the suspense of a story, and it can be difficult to pull off. Use future tense to add tension and intrigue to your story, but don’t overuse it.

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