How to Write an Acknowledgement of Country With Kids

Writing an Acknowledgement of Country with kids involves creating a meaningful expression of respect to the traditional custodians of the land. It is an educational opportunity that recognises the cultural significance of the indigenous community and integrates awareness into the learning process. Here are steps on how to write one with children:
1. Educate About The Indigenous Custodians: Begin by teaching the kids about the indigenous people who are the traditional custodians of the land you’re on. Explain why it’s important to acknowledge them.
2. Discuss The Significance: Talk about why it is respectful to acknowledge the original owners of the land. This could lead to discussions about culture, history, and mutual respect.
3. Learn Together: Research together with the local indigenous groups and their languages, stories, and customs. This can inspire children and make the acknowledgement more personal and meaningful.
4. Use Simple Language: When writing with kids, keep the language simple so they can understand and participate in reciting it.
5. Encourage Kids’ Input: Ask for their ideas on what should be included in the Acknowledgement of Country. What do they think is important?
6. Draft The Acknowledgement: Help them construct sentences that pay respects to Elders, past, present, and emerging, for example: “We would like to acknowledge [Name of Traditional Owners] as the traditional custodians of this land.”
7. Practice Recitation: Once written, rehearse reciting it together until they feel comfortable doing so.
8. Make It Visual: Consider creating artwork or a visual display that illustrates their recognition and understanding of an Acknowledgement of Country.
9. Connect With Community Elders: If possible, invite local indigenous Elders or representatives to hear your Acknowledgement and provide feedback.
By involving children in this process, they gain a deeper understanding and respect for cultural protocols from a young age, fostering inclusivity and recognition of indigenous heritage within your community.

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