How You Can Help Your Child Grasp Mastery Orientation

The term’ mastery orientation‘ may sound complicated to you. However, even though it is important and vital to your child’s development and growth, it is a straightforward concept. 

If you have no idea what mastery orientation means, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing everything that there is to know about the concept, including its definition and how it sets specific students apart from others. 

More so, we will discuss a few ways in which parents and teachers can encourage mastery orientation. 

What Is Mastery Orientation?

Mastery orientation refers to the ability of a child to master a specific skill or task. In other words, it is the degree of ease with which a student adapts to a particular problem or activity. 

A child who has a high degree of mastery orientation will find it incredibly easy to pick up on new things and learn. For example, if your son starts speaking and walking long before his peers, he will likely have a high degree of mastery orientation. On the other hand, if he struggles with these tasks and takes a bit longer than average, he may have a low degree of mastery orientation. 

How Does Mastery Orientation Set Certain Students Apart?

Children who have a high degree of mastery orientation stand out in school and at home. Usually, their teachers and parents will not have to force them to learn or practice a specific task, as they tend to do it on their own accord. These types of students enjoy learning for the sake of acquiring new skills and knowledge. 

How To Encourage Mastery Orientation

There are a few ways in which teachers and parents can go about encouraging mastery orientation. Most importantly, parents should be as involved as possible regarding their child’s academic and educational life. 

This means that they should be there to help their child whenever he/she gets confused or frustrated. More so, they should offer encouragement to keep the kid motivated. 

On top of this, teachers should give the students tasks that they will care about. In this way, the children will care more about what they are learning and put more effort into mastering the skill. 

Concluding Thoughts

Mastery orientation refers to the degree of ease with which a child picks up on a new skill or activity. A child with a high degree of mastery orientation will find it very easy to learn new things, such as learning to write or count. These children often stand out, as they do not have to be encouraged to learn.

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