I Decided to Get My EdD, and It Changed My Career


Taking the leap and pursuing higher education can be a life-changing decision for many individuals. For me, choosing to obtain my Doctor of Education (EdD) degree was one of the most pivotal moments in my career. In this article, I will share my journey and the ways in which earning my EdD transformed my professional life.

The Decision:

After spending several years working in education, I had developed a deep passion for teaching and learning. Despite having a Master’s degree in Education, I felt that there was still more for me to learn and achieve. With encouragement from my mentors, family, and friends, I made the momentous decision to go back to school and pursue an EdD.

The Journey:

Enrolling in an EdD program proved to be both exciting and challenging. Balancing work responsibilities with coursework and research demanded significant commitment and time management skills. However, the journey was incredibly rewarding as I delved deeper into educational theories and practices.

My studies focused on educational leadership, which allowed me to develop new insights and strategies in fostering a positive learning environment for students. Engaging with peers from diverse backgrounds enriched my perspective on education’s role in society.

Eventually, I completed my EdD with a dissertation that explored the effectiveness of incorporating technology into classroom instruction. The process of conducting research, analyzing data, and formulating conclusions helped me grow not only as an educator but also as a scholar.

The Impact on My Career:

Earning my EdD opened doors to new opportunities within the field of education. With advanced credentials under my belt, I transitioned from teaching into an administrative role at a local school district.

In this new position, I am responsible for overseeing curriculum development and implementation across various schools. By applying what I learned during my doctoral studies, I have been able to create innovative approaches that foster student growth and achievement.

My EdD also bolstered my professional credibility, leading to invitations to participate in conferences, panels, and workshops. I’ve had the opportunity to both share my expertise with other educators and learn from their experiences as well.


Obtaining my EdD degree was a life-changing decision that significantly impacted my career path. The knowledge and skills gained through the program have equipped me to be a more effective leader in the field of education. While obtaining an EdD may not be for everyone, for me it has proven to be an invaluable investment in both personal and professional growth.

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