I Got the Teaching Job My Friend Wanted. Now What


It’s generally a time for celebration when you land your dream teaching job. However, if it turns out that you were in direct competition with a close friend for the same position, the situation can quickly become complicated. If both of the parties involved are mature and understanding, navigating these rocky waters can be made smoother. This article delves into the steps to take when you find yourself in this tricky situation.

1. Acknowledge their feelings

Rejection is never easy to accept, especially when it comes to someone’s career dreams. Before celebrating your victory, take a moment to acknowledge your friend’s disappointment and empathize with their feelings. Be sensitive to their thoughts and emotions, as this will help ease any potential resentment.

2. Demonstrate gratitude

Express sincere gratitude for both the opportunity and your friend’s support throughout the process. It’s essential to remember that while circumstances might have put you two up against each other, you both ultimately wanted success for each other.

3. Offer ongoing support

Even though you secured the job, it’s crucial to remain emotionally present and supportive towards your friend as they continue their search for another opportunity. Offer assistance in a meaningful way – like helping with future job applications or providing introductions to relevant contacts – but be careful not to overstep boundaries.

4. Maintain open communication

It’s vital that both of you maintain open lines of communication moving forward, addressing any lingering emotions tied to this event. Honesty is essential – recognizing jealousy or resentment (if there’s any) will be crucial in resolving these feelings constructively.

5. Focus on self-improvement

Regardless of the outcome, employment situations like these can serve as a driving force for both parties involved to continue bettering themselves professionally. Don’t bask solely in victory but instead remain committed to upgrading your skills and areas of expertise.

6. Keep your friendship a priority

In trying times like these, it’s important to remember the foundations of your friendship and why it is valuable to you. Reassure your friend that your personal relationships are separate from professional competition, and that you appreciate their support and encouragement.


It’s not uncommon for friends to find themselves in competition with one another, especially in challenging job markets. Handling the situation with grace and empathy after securing a teaching job can help preserve your friendship while setting you both up for future success. By following these steps, you can mitigate any potential negative emotions while maintaining a solid foundation for your relationship.

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