Ice-Breaker Activities For Elementary Students

Teachers are responsible for foster learning in their students. Elementary school children are naturally curious and are always looking forward to learning something new. Ice breakers are an excellent facilitation activity designed to keep the children active in their academic performances. 

They are fun and exciting activities teachers can effectively put into play in their classrooms to unleash the potential of avid learners. 

Alphabet Name Game

Randomly teaming up children and asking them to introduce themselves may be a very generic idea of introduction. You can add a little twist to the introduction to encourage the children to speak up and be as creative as they can as they introduce themselves. 

They can introduce themselves by telling everyone their first name and adding a creative second name to make the name sound interesting and humorous and create a lively ambiance.

The word the students will add to their name can be either at the start or the end. The first syllable of the word should be similar to their names’ first syllable. This will eventually make their name sound even more fascinating to the rest of the class. Examples of the games can be Cory Corn, Bob Baseball, etc.

Drawing Their Family

Getting an insight into what the students’ lives are like at home is important in many cases for elementary school faculty. Good teachers are well aware of their students‘ mindsets and the background they are coming from. 

As they put effort into drawing the picture of their guardian, they will be asked to describe what they have drawn in the picture and say something about the person they chose to draw. 

Good teachers are attentive to the personal details children say about themselves to put in the due effort into making good learners out of their students. This activity will also encourage students to cherish their time with their families and be proud of them.

Creative Questions

While giving their introductions, you can ask your student’s certain questions that will make them think creatively and impulsively. It will help teachers get to know their students far better. The question can be from asking who their favorite superhero is and what superpower would they want if they could have any. 

This activity can help you distinguish your student’s insecurities too. They might have financial issues that you may help out with, are not being treated properly at home, or are going through a crisis where they need the aid to support themselves. 

The students will also be attentive and listen to what the other students have to say and become better listeners.

Concluding Thoughts

Confident children can speak up proudly in front of the whole class, and the ice breaker activities are a fun way to encourage them to become more confident about themselves. Eventually, this will help them become successful as they grow up inspired and motivated.

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