Ideal Jobs for Animal Lovers

Psychologists opine that humans are naturally drawn to animals. It is even believed that this bond has a genetic basis. The genetic belief is that for humans to thrive, they must connect with nature.

People who love working with animals select from different career paths. The little challenge is that animal care jobs are not among the most profitable jobs out there. Here is a breakdown of some of the most promising jobs out there for college students to consider.

Wildlife Biologist/Zoologist 

If you love observing animals in their environment, you may try out being a wildlife biologist or zoologist. This field deals with the study and research of different animal species and the connection with their ecosystem.

The work of a wildlife biologist involves tracking and tagging animals to study the process of migration, collecting specimens, and animal diets. It also deals with spotting the effect of invasive species, analyzing genetic traits and animal reproduction patterns. This field helps you understand the animal to know how to make them thrive.

The major difference between a wildlife biologist and a zoologist is that the zoologist researches a specific animal. In contrast, wildlife biologist deals with the research, management, and conservation of a whole ecosystem. Zoologists work with animals either in captivity or in the wild. They get jobs in zoos, universities, parks, and agencies.


Ecology deals with the study of the connection between the environment and organisms. The core purpose is to protect this ecosystem and the organisms within. There is a constant battle for survival in the ecosystem, with animals looking for ways to survive. 

Ecologists study the animals and observe their water source, food, habitations, defense mechanisms, and reproduction process. The foundation of this field includes geology, biology, physiology, chemistry, and physics.

As an Ecologist, you can work in conservation charities, engineering firms, agencies, and educational institutions.


This is the most popular profession for people who desire to work with animals. This field has existed for centuries and goes beyond caring for domesticated pets and companion animals. Veterinarians also take care of ranches and animal farms and even zoo animals and those in the wild.

Like human doctors, veterinarians can have their medical specialties. Such specialties include pathology, surgery, anesthesia, dentistry, and neurology. They can also specialize in certain types of animals. The job is tasking but has its rewards, the risks are also there, but the chance of saving an animal should be exciting.

Many veterinary doctors work in animal hospitals and clinics or may get involved in private practice.

Veterinary technician

If you love Veterinary medicine, but you don’t want to go all the way with D.V.M, you could become a technician. As a technician, you assist with caring for and treating animals. A veterinary technician’s functions include:

  • Educating owners of pets.
  • Recording medical data.
  • Performing tests.
  • Helping animals on the way to recovery.

The requirement for doing well in this profession is a passion for animals and diligence. A veterinary technician can work in private clinics and animal hospitals. 

Game Warden

This career involves law enforcement and wild animal protection. They help to enforce the law that handles boating, hunting, fishing, and other recreational functions. A good conservation officer should have a passion for the outdoors. He should also be knowledgeable about camping, boating, hunting, and the outdoors.

Concluding Thoughts

Every lover of nature and animals can make a good living while fulfilling their passions. The career prospects in this regard are promising, and the final choice depends on what you want.

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