If Teachers Had a Nickel for Every Time They Said One of These Things…


Teaching can be a demanding and sometimes frustrating profession, with countless opportunities for repetition. Every teacher has their set of phrases that they repeat daily. Imagine what would happen if these teachers received a nickel for every time they had to utter one of these well-worn expressions. How much money could they earn? This article examines some of the most common sayings teachers find themselves repeating endlessly and what that would mean for their wallets.

Pay Attention:

“Please pay attention.” A staple request in the classroom, teachers must likely feel like this phrase echoes continuously throughout their day. Calculating even just an average of five times per period and six periods per day, a teacher could round up nearly $5 every school day, totaling almost $900 across a standard 180-day school year.

Stop Talking:

“Stop talking, please.” Despite numerous warnings and attempts at discipline, talkative students can still disrupt lessons regularly. A nickel would be a small consolation each time a teacher has to reiterate this request. Assuming they say it three times per class period over six periods, they’d accrue about $2.70 daily – nearly $500 over the school year.

Take Out Your Homework:

“Take out your homework assignment.” This phrase must be one of the most predictable things a teacher says during their workday. With most classes requiring homework check-ins daily, those nickels would add up fast! For example, assuming a single usage per period over six periods in a day would rake in 30 cents daily. By the end of the year, an additional $54 would add to the ever-growing stack.

Is This Your Best Work?

“Is this your best work?” Ah, the ultimate question to make students reflect on their efforts – and perhaps slightly guilt-ridden as well. Suppose teachers pose this question once per period as students submit work or during review sessions. Six times daily could mean a nice $1.80, accumulating to $324 by year’s end.

I’ll Wait:

“I’ll wait.” This phrase speaks volumes, silently chastising chatterers and off-task students alike. As many seemingly tire of classroom disruption, this short yet powerful statement can be powerful in refocusing attention. When said thrice daily over six periods, $0.90 per day would amass a tidy sum of $162 annually.


Adding up the amassed coins from these common phrases, teachers might generate nearly $1,940 extra by the end of the year! While the idea of earning money every time a repetitive phrase is uttered may be amusing, it also serves as a reminder of how much patience and dedication teachers exhibit daily. As we reflect on these routine expressions, let’s take a moment to appreciate the educators who shape our lives and societies with unwavering commitment.

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