If We Motivate Kids to Do Just One Thing This Summer, Let’s Make It Reading


Summer is a time when kids love to be outside, playing games, swimming, and enjoying the freedom that the season brings. However, with the hustle and bustle of activities, there’s one thing we should definitely make a priority for our children this summer – reading.

The Importance of Reading:

Reading is essential for kids not only because it enhances their vocabulary and cognitive abilities but also because it expands their imagination and creativity. A good book can transport a child into a different world or show them different perspectives throughout various cultures and time periods.

Benefits of Summer Reading:

1. Combating the “Summer Slide”: Research has shown that students who continue to read during the summer months are more successful in academics when they return to school in the fall. By committing to a regular reading routine over summer vacation, parents can help ensure their kids avoid the dreaded “summer slide.”

2. Building Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Books provide a window into other people’s lives and experiences. Children who read books with diverse characters can better understand different emotions, develop empathy, and learn conflict resolution skills.

3. Encouraging Critical Thinking: Reading challenges young minds by taking them through twists and turns in complex storylines or introducing them to mysterious elements. This encourages critical thinking skills and improves problem-solving abilities.

4. Fostering Independence: By promoting reading as a fun activity that kids choose to do on their own, parents are encouraging their children’s sense of independence and self-reliance.

How to Motivate Kids to Read This Summer:

1. Set an Example: Children are more likely to engage in an activity if they see their parents enjoying it themselves. Set aside time each day for reading as a family.

2. Provide Choices: Allow your child to choose books that interest them instead of forcing specific titles upon them. This will help create a positive association with reading.

3. Offer Fun Incentives: Reward children with praise, stickers, or small treats for reaching their reading goals. Incentives can make reading more fun and motivate them to continue.

4. Create a Cozy Reading Space: Designate a quiet and comfortable area in your home where your child can relax with a good book.

5. Join a Summer Reading Program: Many libraries offer summer reading programs which include incentives, themed activities, and book recommendations to encourage children’s participation.


Reading is an essential skill that children must continue to develop throughout their lives. As parents, we have the power to inspire our kids to not only read but enjoy it as well. If there’s just one thing we can encourage our kids to do this summer, let’s make it reading!

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