Inclusive Classrooms: Getting Started

Inclusive classrooms are classrooms that are designed to be inclusive for all students, regardless of their disability. This means that all students have the same access to resources and opportunities, regardless of their ability level.

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing an inclusive classroom. First, make sure that all materials and activities are accessible and comfortable for all students. This includes things like seating arrangements, materials on the walls, and how the classroom is organized.

Second, make sure that all students are included in the classroom discussion and activity. This means that students with disabilities should be included in all class discussions, and that they should have the same amount of opportunity to participate in class activities as the other students.

Finally, be sure to communicate with students and their families about the inclusive classroom policy. Let them know what to expect, and offer support and guidance as needed. Inclusive classrooms are a great way to help all students learn and grow in the classroom. 

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