Independent Educational Evaluation: What You Need to Know

This is an extremely classified test carried out by a competent examiner who is neither a member nor has any ties to the school district. When a parent has a disagreement with the results of their kid’s school evaluation, they can rightfully request an IEE under the IDEA.

A typical private evaluation is different from an Independent Educational Evaluation. While an IEE is still a private evaluation, the cost of it is paid by the school. The qualified professional, who performs the evaluation, is chosen from an authorized list of professionals.

Apart from disagreeing with the child’s result that has come out through the school’s evaluation, there are some other reasons for which a parent may request an IEE. These include:

·There’s no evidence of a disability according to the school evaluation, but the parent thinks it is wrong

·The school’s evaluation hasn’t examined all the issues of the child, but the parent thinks it should have

·According to the parent, the child’s disability has been incorrectly diagnosed, or the parent thinks that the results of those testing are incorrect

In some cases, an IEE might be delayed by the school even after it agrees to bear the cost. A parent’s request in this regard cannot be simply denied by the school. But if it feels that there’s no need for an IEE, it has to opt for a due process hearing. The school, during the hearing, has to demonstrate that it did the right evaluation for the child. If the school cannot demonstrate it, whether or not it’ll be paying for the IEE will be decided by the hearing officer.

The parent should be prepared if they want to explain the reasons behind the disagreement with the evaluation conducted by the school. In that case, they should consult an attorney prior to attending the hearing.

When a parent doesn’t agree with the evaluation, they can request only one Independent Educational Evaluation for every evaluation conducted by the school. The school is obligated to consider the results of the IEE to ensure that it’s providing the child with a FAPE.

The standards of an IEE must meet those of a school evaluation. For example, the evaluation’s location and the evaluator’s credentials must be comparable to those of the school. However, the school is obligated to share those standards with the parent. Or else, any deadlines or other conditions cannot be put by it in place.

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