Inferential Thinking To Make Conclusions

Inference, in general, refers to any evaluation or conclusion. Inferential thinking is when you make sense of anything happening around you. We, humans, infer every day, and while you don’t see, smell or feel the experience, you figure it out. For instance, you might hear a glass breaking. 

While you aren’t on the location to see or experience why the glass broke, your mind immediately offers numerous possibilities that may have led to this sound. It could be due to a traffic accident or a hand slip. That’s how creative and spontaneous a human brain is. 

Importance Of Inferential Thinking In Children 

Parents must encourage their children to do more inferential thinking from their early days. Inferencing helps develop better skills in children to derive conclusions. 

Children understand the actual meaning of what is happening in the situation, what data to focus on and the importance of that data, the impact of this information on the overall situation, and how eventually, every point interlinks with one another. 

The sharper the inferencing of a child, the more they are likely to improve their speaking, logic, reading, and comprehension skills.  

Ways To Incorporate Inferencing In Children 

One way to introduce inferential thinking in your children is by playing twenty questions to make them think more, develop curiosity and ask detailed questions like describing an animal, the way they sit or eat, etc. 

You can even buy picture cards and books with no words written on them and urge your child to explain what the pictures are trying to depict. That shall further guide your child to think of the possible interpretations of the scenes or actions provided. 

You can even have them watch some short Pixar films. You can pause these animated films in between and encourage your child to infer about those paused moments and scenes. 

Can Technology Assist In Developing Inference Skills?

Technological developments are making our lives easier and remote learning possible at your fingertips. Using technology to boost the ability to come to conclusions is one of the easiest and most interesting ways- for you and your child both. 

There is a wide range of applications and online games to help children interpret situations effectively and understand what goes on. This improves how fast and sharply their minds will grasp knowledge and put it into good use.

Concluding Thoughts

Building inference skills doesn’t occur at once. It takes contributions from parents, children, and even teachers. But having children make conclusions or interpret things according to their understanding helps broaden their horizon and boost their brain performance, helping construct an intelligent mindset.

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