Infograph: How to stop procrastinating and deal with exam stress

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It’s that time of year when students are in the midst of cramming for final exams. Trying to recall all that you have learned over the past year is only half the battle. New research from productivity website  Stop Procrastinating has found that 64% of students believe that exam stress and anxiety is affecting them so much that it will lower their performance and affect their grades.

The poll of 2,000 undergraduates heading into their final exams found that 66% of students believe their stress levels are greater than in the past due to modern day problems, such as the difficult jobs market. They cited stress over the ways a lower grade could affect the rest of their lives, closing doors to opportunities and missing out on jobs.

The survey found that procrastination was a major cause of stress. Students today have more opportunities for distraction with the rise of the internet, smart phones and social media. Forty-five percent said they wasted time on the internet or social media instead of studying.

There is good news, however. The survey also found the strategies and solutions that students find most effective. From using an internet blocker when revising, to taking more exercise or breaking down studying into bite sized-chunks, students are finding ways to cope and succeed.

The full survey and effective strategies can be viewed below in the Exam Stress Infographic, or viewed online at


Exam Stress
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