Insightful History Picture Books for Kids

Insightful History Picture Books for Kids offer kids a unique way to learn about history. These books are written with a young reader in mind and are packed with interesting facts and pictures.

1. Oskar and the Eight Blessings

A story of hope when times seem hopeless, young refugee Oskar has made it to New York in search of his aunt who is the only family he has left. Fleeing from Nazi Germany was hard, and now he must find his way in this whole new world alone. Despite his fears, he is shown kindness that changes everything.

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2. The Golden Acorn

The first book in a 5-part historical fantasy series that will take young readers on a journey back in time into a magical world of legends. Jack Brenin is an ordinary boy that finds a golden acorn in the grass and begins an adventure that is anything but ordinary!

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3. Elizabeth Blackwell: Girl Doctor

A book in the Childhood of Famous Americans series that uses simple language and sentence structure to tell the early life stories of influential figures in history. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first female doctor in the U.S. and contributed many amazing things to the medical field. A terrific book for children’s learning!

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4. The Little Island

Set on an island in the middle of the big ocean many years ago, this beautiful story tells the account of a kitten who witnesses changing seasons, wild creatures, and new experiences she will never forget. Told in a whimsical and engaging narrative format your kids will get lost in.

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5. The Most Magnificent Thing

An innovative young girl and her dog set off on a mission to build the most magnificent thing. This amusing book teaches that if we fail at first, we must try again! Life lessons from a dog and a walk to clear your mind are sure-fire ways to kick-start any creative process!

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