Interesting Essay Topics to Write about Pseudoscience

Interesting Topics to Write about Pseudoscience

  1. The Connection Between Pseudoscience and Abnormal Psychology
  2. Do the Social Sciences Represent a Pseudoscience?
  3. Scientific Viewpoints on Paranormal and Pseudoscience
  4. Astrology, that Unlikely and Vague Pseudoscience,
  5. Correlating Pseudoscience and the Copernican Revolution
  6. Pseudoscience as a Teaching Tool for Scientific Thinking
  7. Pseudoscience Advocates Present Lower Evidential Standards
  8. The pseudoscience of Chiropractic and Its Effects on Society
  9. Scientific and Pseudoscientific Differences
  10. The Unethical Pseudoscience of Eugenics
  11. Pseudoscience, Superstition, and the Supernatural
  12. Is Psychology a Real Science or a Pseudoscience?
  13. False Belief in Pseudoscience and the Mistrust of Science
  14. Bringing Homosexuality and Pseudoscience into Relationship
  15. Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Modern Misunderstandings
  16. Myths are False Pseudoscience Theories
  17. Pseudoscience: Common Representations of Homosexuality vs. Scientific Reality
  18. Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science: Science and Pseudoscience
  19. The Demarcation Problem between Science and Pseudoscience

Good Research Topics about Pseudoscience

  1. Why Detoxes and Cleanses are Pseudo sciences: Consideration of the Pseudoscience of Death & Expected Utility
  2. Pseudoscience, Superstition, or Other Modern Confusions: People Believe Weird Things
  3. How Pseudoscience and Science Differ
  4. Is the concept of detoxification with the Use of Activated Charcoal True Science?
  5. Is Psychology a Real Science or a Pseudoscience?
  6. The Relationship Between Science and Pseudoscience
  7. The Pseudoscience of Hypnosis
  8. Examining the Connections between Pseudoscience, Conspiracy Theories, and Superstitious Beliefs
  9. The Role of Social Media in the Dissemination of Pseudoscience
  10. Illustrations of Pseudoscience in Various Fields
  11. Pseudo-Science in Space and Astronomy
  12. Distinguishing Science from Pseudoscience and Magical Beliefs
  13. A Critical Analysis of the Coexistence of Pseudoscience and Scientific Evidence
  14. Critical Reflection on Pseudoscience and Scientific Evidence
  15. Nazi Interest in Mythology: Between Pseudoscience and Cosmology
  16. What is the Problem with Pseudoscience?
  17. Pseudoscientific Claims: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  18. Problems Associated with Pseudoscience
  19. Psychopathological Risks and Pseudoscientific Beliefs
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