Interesting Research Topics about Marriage

Interesting Research Topics about Marriage

  1. American Matrimony Fads and Government Measures
  2. Norway Weddings in the 1800s
  3. Same-Sex Marriage as a Positive Tendency Nowadays
  4. Marriage and Communications
  5. Unfaithfulness in Marital and Sexual Relations
  6. Marriage and Social Distancing
  7. The Acceptance of Homosexual Marriage in the American Society
  8. Stepfamily Marriage
  9. The Moral Dilemma Surrounding Arranged Marriages
  10. Social Problems: Child Marriages in Egypt
  11. Islamic Rules Regarding Interfaith Weddings
  12. Defining Marriage According to Social, Economic, and Political Perspectives
  13. The Psychology Behind a Long-Lasting Marriage
  14. Compare and Contrast Arranged and Love Marriages
  15. Public Attitude Toward the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
  16. Types of Marriages
  17. Factors That Lead to a Happy Married Life
  18. Saudi Marriages
  19. Stages of Marriage According to a Mother and Daughter
  20. What Newly-Weds Think Marriage Is Going to Be Like
  21. Social Stability and the Importance of Marriage
  22. Happy Marriage and its Benefits
  23. Savion’s Views on Same-Sex Marriage
  24. Researching and Analyzing the Marriage and Divorce Rates in the US
  25. Concepts of Marriage and Family in the Modern Age
  26. Alabama and the Rejection of Same-Sex Marriage
  27. Egypt and its Issue of Child Marriage
  28. Indonesia and Early Marriages
  29. Homosexual Marriage and the Destruction of Society
  30. Parallels of Happiness, Family, and Marriage
  31. Differences between First and Second Marriages From a Psychological Point of View
  32. Marriage Expectations in Women vs. Men
  33. 1950s Era and Interracial Marriage
  34. Identity Issues as a Result of Interracial Marriage
  35. State of Florida’s Laws of Marriage
  36. Contemporary America and Marriage
  37. UAE and Interracial Marriages
  38. How Marriages in UAE Have Been Affected by Social Media
  39. Lynn Nottage’s “Poof” and Her Portrayal of Women and Marriage
  40. Forced Marriages in Sudan and the Advocacy Plan to Prevent Them
  41. Marriage: Definition, Types, and Benefits
  42. How Domestic Violence Destroys Generations
  43. Differences in Marriage Traditions in Christianity vs. Islam
  44. Conditions for a Successful Marriage
  45. Chinese Historical Perspectives on Marriage Concerning Religion
  46. Weddings and Divorce
  47. Women as Victims in Marriages
  48. The Relation of Marriage to Health
  49. Marriage According to Christian Traditions
  50. Identity Crisis as a Result of Inter-Caste Marriages
  51. Analysis of the Arranged Marriage

Good Research Topics about Marriage

  1. Classification of Family and Marriage Problems as Social Issues
  2. How the Law Recognizes Same-Sex Marriage
  3. History of Interracial Marriage
  4. Analysis of Marriage Rates in Illinois and Oklahoma
  5. A Discussion on the Topic of Marriage
  6. The Negative and Positive Impacts of Temporary Marriages in Lebanon
  7. Overview of Marital Relations and Sex
  8. Is Divorce Always the Result for Young Couples?
  9. Botswana Marriages
  10. Ethical Discussion on Same-Sex Marriage
  11. Psychological Benefits of a Healthy Marriage
  12. Gay Marriage and Social Dilemma
  13. Explanation of Interracial Marriage
  14. Communication and Healthy Marriage Correlation
  15. Biblical Views on Gay Marriage
  16. Homosexual Marriage from a Rational Perspective
  17. Western Society, Marriage, and Family
  18. Indian Culture and Marriage
  19. Living Together Before Marriage
  20. The Relation between Physical Health and Marriage
  21. Marriage Satisfaction and Conflicts Surrounding the Topic
  22. Social, Cultural, and Ethical Arguments Against Gay Marriages
  23. Marriage Analysis
  24. Challenges Faced by Mothers in a Marriage
  25. Marriage and Emotionally Focused Therapy
  26. Main Issues of Same-Sex Marriage
  27. Forming a Healthy Marriage
  28. Same-Sex Marriage and Its Impact on the Legal Structure of Gender
  29. Kate Chopin’s Portrayal of Marriage in “The Story of an Hour”
  30. The Marriage Act of 1996
  31. The Concept That Marriage Is for the Rich
  32. The Role of Women in a Marriage
  33. Ideas of Marriage in “How I Met Your Mother”
  34. Islam and Its Acceptance of Polygamy
  35. Professional Athletes and the Concept of Marriage
  36. Family and Same-Sex Marriage
  37. Marital Views of Marianne Weber
  38. The Policy of Same-Sex Marriage and Its Social Impact
  39. Reasons and Outcomes of Cross-Border Marriages between Japan and China
  40. Marriage and Gay Rights
  41. The Girls in Their Summer Dresses by Irwin Shaw and the Doomed Marriage
  42. Millennials Prioritize Parenthood Over Marriage
  43. Annie Roiphe’s Why Marriages Fail
  44. Americans and Their Views on Whether Homosexual Marriages Should Be Legalized or Not
  45. Misyar Marriage in Saudi Arabia
  46. Marriage and Family
  47. Do Marriages End With a Bang or a Whimper?
  48. Same-Sex Marriages and the Views of Californians

Marriage Research Questions

  1. What Are Some Societal Norms That Affect Marriage and Family?
  2. Who Was the First Person To Marry For Love?
  3. What Are Some Impacts of Marriage on Physiological and Psychological Health?
  4. How Has the Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Decision Impacted Lives?
  5. How to Describe the 7 Stages of Marriage?
  6. Why Are There So Many Different Perspectives on Gay Marriages?
  7. How Do Live-in Relationships Affect Marriages Later On?
  8. Is There a Reason Why Cohabitation and Marriage Affect Childhood?
  9. How Can We Describe the 3 Type of Marriages?
  10. Are Marriage and Family Affected By Legal Constraints?
  11. Over the Last Three Decades, How Have Marriages Changed?
  12. Do Different Political Views Affect Married Couples?
  13. What Is the Reason That Couples Stop Fighting For Their Marriage?
  14. What Role Does Same-Sex Marriage Play in the Current Decreasing Population?
  15. What Are Some Reasons Why Men Change After Marriage?
  16. What Is the Reason For Detachment Among Married Couples?
  17. What Was the Original Idea Behind Marriage?
  18. What Are the Societal Impacts of Same-Sex Marriages?
  19. What Is Mentioned in The Bible About Marriage?
  20. Do Parental Pressures Affect Your Desires for Marriage?
  21. What Ideas of Property and Marriage Did the Utopian Communities Challenge?
  22. What Are the Effects of Infidelity on Family and Marriage?
  23. What Were Marriages Like Back in the 1800s?
  24. For What Reason Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?
  25. How Much Effect Does Infertility Have on Marriage?
  26. What Are the Effects of Interracial Marriage on Children?
  27. What Are the Similarities between Marriage and Cohabitation?
  28. To What Extent Is Marriage Based on Social Class?
  29. When Does a Marriage Fail?
  30. What Are the Benefits of Marriage in This Era?
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