Introducing Steve Lawrence: A Musical Journey for K-12 Educators

When it comes to enriching the lives of students through cultural education, introducing them to legendary singers can be a great way to spark interest and discussion. In this blog post, we’ll explore the life and career of Steve Lawrence, an American singer, and actor who dominated the music scene during the mid-20th century.

Born Sidney Liebowitz in 1935, Steve Lawrence is best known for his musical partnership with his late wife, Eydie Gormé. Together, they formed one of the most successful husband-and-wife duos in television and music history.

As K-12 educators, we should seize the opportunity to share Steve Lawrence’s personal story and professional achievements with our students. Here’s a suggested teaching guide to help you bring the magic of Steve Lawrence into your classroom:

1. Early Life: Begin by discussing Steve’s humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York. Emphasize how a love for music inspired him to pursue his dreams despite various challenges.

2. Career Breakthrough: Discuss how Steve gained recognition when he became a regular on “The Tonight Show” starring Steve Allen, which led to his own solo singing career and later teaming up with Eydie Gormé.

3. Popular Songs and Performances: Introduce students to some of Steve’s and Eydie’s greatest hits such as “Go Away Little Girl,” “Portrait of My Love,” and “This Could Be The Start of Something Big.” Use videos or recordings from their live performances to engage students’ interest.

4. Impact on the Music Industry: Explore how Steve and Eydie influenced American music by blending jazz, big band, pop, and Broadway tunes into their performances. Encourage students to consider which current artists their sounds might have inspired.

5. Personal Life: Take a moment to humanize these iconic figures by sharing tidbits about their relationships and the love they had for one another both on and off stage.

6. Final Years and Legacy: Conclude by touching on Steve’s later years after Eydie’s passing in 2013, and how their contributions to the music industry continue to inspire generations.

Supplement your lesson with fun activities such as:

– “Name That Tune” quizzes featuring Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé hits

– Art projects inspired by their album covers or live performances

– Classroom sing-alongs to popular songs by the duo

– Research assignments in which students discover more about their life achievements

By following this teaching guide, you’ll help students gain an appreciation for legendary musicians like Steve Lawrence. As they explore his influential career, students will develop a richer understanding of music history and the ever-evolving landscape of artistic expression.

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