Is Education Tech a Discipline? And Does It Matter?

Although the availability of tech is growing, the education of the masses in ever-developing tech has become necessary now more than ever. That is why the question arises whether education tech needs to be a specific training method or a discipline.

The other part of the question is whether it matters if education tech is a discipline. Let’s talk about that as well.

Why We Need It

Information tech’s role is growing exponentially in education, where most learners and educators depend on it. To become part of the education system as an aid for the educator is also very important.

New generations are pressing to get the tech from home and the world around them as part of their schooling. It is also fair to incorporate it into the education system and make it part of the curriculum.

Advantages of Education Tech

The advantage of educational tech can be seen in its application in distance learning and homeschooling, to name a few examples. There are different classes of learners in every classroom: those who are more advanced, those who lag and the learners in between.

With the use of education tech, every learner can go along at their respective speed of learning. This will benefit the learners with insufficient knowledge to feel part of the system and obtain more experience.

That means the learner with the most knowledge will not be held back by those with insufficient knowledge and vice versa. Every learner will go at their own pace without feeling overlooked, so no frustration and humiliation will occur.

The Gap Between Older and Newer Generations

There is a gap between older educators and new educators regarding education tech and its use in their personal lives. While newer educators grew up with the internet as part of their education, older educators did not even have cellphones at their disposal growing up.

You cannot get rid of the older educators’ experience, so they need to be educated on new tech. This must be done before they will be able to become part of the discipline education tech.

Fortunately, that knowledge gap is narrowing while more older educators embrace tech in their lives and teaching.

Does It Matter?

Although the role of tech in education is growing, education tech becomes part of the process. Education tech has become the most crucial tool for educators with distance learning options available worldwide.

It does matter; it is important that education tech is a discipline and will be part of the future education system. Educators should also keep in mind that they should grow with their learners as newer generations walk into their classrooms with different demands.


Colleges and universities are at the forefront of education tech being used to improve learning with innovative methods. It will help lower the cost of education, so more people will be able to afford that degree or diploma or any higher education.

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