Is Sending Your Kid to Coding Camp a Good Idea?

At some point, most parents will have the opportunity to send their kids to camp. However, the idea of sending them to a coding camp is relatively new. Instead of imagining kids spending time in canoes and telling stories by the fire, some imagine coding camp as kids sitting in rows all pecking away at the nearest keyboard. But that isn’t entirely what coding camp is all about.

To help you decide if sending your kid to coding camp is a good idea, here are some points to consider.

Diversity and Commonality

Coding camps allow kids to come together who may not otherwise meet. They may be from different schools, cities, or even states. Often, this helps create a diverse population. And exposure to diversity young can help them form a more positive outlook on the world around them.

But diversity alone isn’t the benefit. Coding camps bring together children who share interests in the same thing, coding. That means most kids start with some common ground right out of the gate. Essentially, the camp serves as an icebreaker for all introductions and conversations, easing the social aspect of meeting new people.


For many kids, going away to camp is the first time they are without a traditional parent or guardian. Even though chaperones are present, children get their first taste of autonomy when attending camp. Additionally, they have a chance to enter into social interactions while learning about a topic of interest. Being able to advance their skills will help them feel accomplished, and making new friends can ease anxieties about unfamiliar social situations and improve self-esteem overall.

Education and Exploration

Depending on your child’s age, it can be hard to tell if an interest in coding is a passing phase or if it has long-term career potential. Not all K-12 schools can afford to provide students with educational opportunities specifically about coding, even in a time when STEM education is being stressed, so a coding camp may be the first time your child gets to really dig into the subject.

Additionally, many camps have a less regimented approach when it comes to learning. While key skills are taught specifically, much of the learning is based on curiosity and exploration. That means your child can try things without the negative repercussions often associated with wrong answers in traditional educational institutions.

Since your kid can spend some time concentrating on the subject of coding, they may find themselves more interested in what their skills can accomplish. At times, this lights a fire that supports future efforts as they continue to pursue their interests throughout their childhood and possibly into adulthood.

Prepares Them for the Future

Technology is a major component of life today. Giving your children the chance to learn skills that help them navigate this ever-changing world, and possibly even shape it in the future, is valuable over the long-term. You can help them fit into the world of tomorrow by encouraging skills development today. And, if it gives your child a chance to do something productive over the summer while also having fun, then that is about as ideal an outcome as any parent could possibly hope.

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