Is This Student Ready to Skip a Grade?

It is no secret that some students learn at a much faster pace than others. Some students are more gifted and can learn new topics quicker, but certain students are so quick to learn new subjects, that they can actually skip a grade. So, how do you know if a kid is actually ready to skip a grade or not?

Pros to Skipping a Grade

Of course, skipping a grade can be a great opportunity for a gifted kid because it will actually provide some challenges for them. They will come across topics that may cause them to think and focus much harder than they had to before. In their current grade, they may not feel like they are gaining much if the lessons are too easy, so skipping a grade can provide these academic needs for them.

Also, if students are more challenged, then it allows them to focus better and behave more during class. If students are not challenged enough, then they could become bored and disrupt the rest of the class. Therefore, even though the other students in their new class will be a year older than them age-wise, they will be on the same level academically.

Cons to Skipping a Grade

The main concern about allowing your child to skip a grade is that they might not be prepared emotionally. They will be with a new class that they are unfamiliar with, so it can become a bit overwhelming for them. Plus, they will be graduating and entering the real world a year earlier than expected, which can add extra stress as they move forward in life.

Even though they may seem ready for the challenges of a new grade at first, once they actually get there, they may find new unexpected challenges when facing topics they haven’t learned before. This can cause kids to become frustrated with their new environment.

How Do You Know if Your Kid is Ready?

When deciding if a kid is ready to skip a grade or not, there is a lot more that you need to consider than just how smart they are. You also have to decide if they are ready physically and socially as well.

First of all, just because they are smart in their current grade doesn’t always mean that they will fit in with the grade level above them. You need to be sure that they are ready for the challenges of the coursework that is a grade above them so that skipping a grade doesn’t cause them to fall behind.

You also will want to consider the fact that even if your child is academically advanced enough to skip a grade, they may not be physically ready. Especially for younger kids, they can grow fast, so if the kids that are one grade ahead of them seem much older, then it may be difficult for your kid to fit in.

A good way to help your child get used to a new class is to introduce them to some of the older kids. Give them an opportunity to hang around them to help them decide if skipping a grade is a good choice for them. Remember, school is not only about how smart you are, but it is also a chance for kids to develop and socialize with each other. If your kid is challenged in their grade, but not getting any other skills out of it because of the age difference, then it may not be right for them.

Also, to ensure that your child is ready to skip a grade, you should go through with it at the beginning of the school year instead of in the middle of it. This will provide an easier transition since all students will be starting a new grade at the same time.


Deciding whether or not your kid is ready to skip a grade is not always simple. Always make sure your child is fully prepared before taking this big step. Instead of just rushing them into it, take time to ease them into the idea to make sure they are completely on board with it. Always take your kid’s opinions and needs into consideration before allowing them to skip a grade.

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