It Takes Time to Create a Successful EdTech Product

If you are interested in the EdTech market and have an idea, you need to know that it takes a significant amount of time to create a successful EdTech product. Even if you have a brilliant idea and an awesome developer, you will need to go through many steps before your product ever makes it into the classroom and is labeled a success.

History tells us it takes time for an EdTech product to adapted and used in the classroom. This is because, in addition to the product itself, you must deal with school districts that require time to make financial decisions, as well as convince the buyer(s) that the product is worth the time it will take to learn and the overall cost.

According to Single Grain, “There’s the long sales cycle that lasts 9-18 months, which can be frustrating if your business model hinges on selling to school districts or other massive entities that take a long time to make a decision.” Therefore, those interested in the EdTech market should plan to invest a great amount of time and energy to make their product a success.

It Takes Time to Develop a Business Plan

To gain credibility with investors, you must develop an effective business plan. This takes time. You must identify your short-term and long-term goals, as well as procure a loan (or prepare financially).

It Takes Time to Do the Research

Before you begin developing the product, you must do as much research as possible. This will require your time. You will need to investigate comparable products, visit with educators, and learn from other EdTech companies.

It Takes Time to Create the Product

Product development does not happen overnight. It takes time to develop any product, but it takes exceptionally more time to develop a quality educational technology product.

It Takes Time to Test the Product

Once you have developed the product, you must find people willing to test it and review it. This takes time. You have to find the people, and you have to wait for their responses.

It Takes Time to Revise the Product

Once you receive the initial reviews, you must go back to the product and make any necessary revisions. You must factor in what worked well and what did not, and make changes to make your product successful.

It Takes Time to Get Validation

Once you have the finished product, you must get validation. An EdTech product will not be successful without validation. This means taking time to seek teachers willing to use and review your product.

It Takes Time to Market the Product

Once your produce is validated, you will then spend time marketing your product. This may mean going from school to school, visiting educational conferences, writing blog posts, or utilizing social media.

It Takes Time to Train the Product Users

Finally, you do not simply give educators or school systems with a product and then leave. If you want your EdTech product to be successful, you must take time to train the users on how to use the product effectively.

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