Jackson College & Adrian College unveil new transfer agreement in business administration

Jackson College and Adrian College have announced a new transfer agreement aimed at streamlining the path for business administration students to earn a bachelor’s degree. The partnership will provide a seamless transition for Jackson College graduates, allowing them to complete their four-year degree at Adrian College in just two years.

A Smoother Path to a Bachelor’s: The agreement ensures that Jackson College students who complete their associate’s degree in business administration can transfer all 60 credits to Adrian College. This eliminates the need for students to retake courses, saving them both time and money. “Our goal is to make the transfer process as smooth as possible,” said Dr. Philip Snyder, Dean of Jackson College’s Business Division. “This agreement allows our students to build on the strong foundation they establish here and efficiently complete their bachelor’s degree.”

Expanding Opportunities: The partnership opens up new opportunities for Jackson College students. Adrian College’s business administration program offers specializations in high-demand fields like accounting, management, and marketing. “We’re thrilled to provide our students with a clear pathway to a reputable four-year program,” said Jackson College President Angela Karpinski. “This agreement demonstrates our commitment to setting our students up for success.”

Shared Commitment to Student Success: Both institutions emphasized their shared commitment to student success. “We’re excited to welcome Jackson College transfers and support them in achieving their goals,” said Dr. Jennifer Gomez, Dean of Adrian College’s School of Business. The colleges will collaborate on advising to ensure a smooth transition for students.

A Model for Future Partnerships: The agreement serves as a model for future partnerships between community colleges and four-year institutions. “By working together, we can create pathways that make higher education more accessible and affordable,” said Karpinski. The colleges plan to explore additional transfer agreements in other fields.

Empowering Students: The ultimate winners are the students. The agreement empowers them to efficiently complete their degree and launch their careers. “Knowing I can transfer all my credits and finish my bachelor’s in two years is a huge relief,” said Emily Wilson, a Jackson College business administration student. “It’s exciting to know I have a clear plan in place.”

The Jackson College and Adrian College transfer agreement marks an important step in making higher education more attainable. By working together, the colleges are empowering students to achieve their goals and succeed in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

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