Knomadix Transforms Static Content into Dynamic Digital Lessons

(Plano, TX) February 2, 2016 – At this week’s TCEA 2016 Convention & Exposition, Knomadix introduces a customizable, interactive learning platform that converts static content such as PDFs and videos into fully interactive, dynamic content. This fresh approach to teaching allows educators to transform the way students learn by creating personalized lessons that integrate mobile devices into workflows and maximize the true power of digital devices in today’s classrooms.

Knomadix empowers teachers, curriculum specialists, content developers, and school administrators to create and deliver customized digital content for each student. The comprehensive content and workflow management solution is designed to facilitate an effective transition from an analog (print-based) classroom to a fully digitized and interactive classroom by transforming existing static content into customized activities and lessons.

District-level and school-level Instructional specialists, as well as teachers, can transform static PDF or video resources into engaging dynamic content such as:

  • Interactive worksheets with instant feedback, automatic grading, and differentiated instruction;
  • Multi-modal, gamified content that captivates students;
  • Customized instructional videos with embedded activities and assessments; and
  • Virtual interactive manipulatives including number board, geometry toolbox, and multimedia flashcards that deepens student engagement.

“We created Knomadix as the single solution teachers need for every aspect of content delivery and student engagement,” said Ramesh Balan, the CEO and founder of Knomadix. “The paradigm of teaching is shifting from analog to interactive. Our platform makes it easy for educators to transform existing, static lessons into dynamic, interactive lessons that engage students at every level. Our user-friendly platform has saved teachers countless hours in grading assignments and helped them offer more personalized, targeted instruction.”

In addition to simplifying dynamic content authoring and streamlining student-teacher workflow, Knomadix provides fully integrated tools for data gathering, reporting, and delivering insightful analytics. The platform captures student performance data, as well as each student’s intermediate steps, to guide decision-making. While students work through lessons, the system records all student activity. Educators can then selectively watch a video, or an instant replay, of how students have constructed their answers. Knomadix also provides educators with the ability to group students based on their learning preferences and achievement levels, then deliver differentiated instruction based on their skill levels and provide individual feedback that suits every student.

The Knomadix support team builds custom implementation plans for each district to help them launch the platform and help them successfully transition from an analog to a dynamic digital curriculum.

To make an appointment to experience Knomadix in the PR with Panache! Storytelling Suite at TCEA 2016, please contact Kayla Brown at [email protected].

About Knomadix

Knomadix builds interactive mobile solutions that transform how educators teach and how students learn. With its fresh approach to creating and delivering customized digital content, Knomadix is a leader in the emerging mobile education market, offering digital tools for students, teachers, curriculum specialists, content developers, and school administrators. Knomadix goes beyond current mobile learning solutions by providing educators with the tools to drive continuous improvement through dynamic, individualized, and interactive digital lessons. Learn more at

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