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The history of English literature is can be stretched back to the ancient time of Celtic literature. Beowulf is one of the very first testimonies of literary works in English. Since then, the growth and expansion of English literature have been exponential.

Scholars divide the entire history of English literature into several ages. Old English, Elizabethan, Jacobean, Romantic, Victorian, Modern, Postmodern are some of the most crucial periods. Each period has its significant characteristics and authors who represent the period. For instance, Shakespeare was the most prominent writer of the Elizabethan period. Apart from William Shakespeare, another prolific playwright of this era was Christopher Marlowe.

Simultaneously, poets like Edmund Spenser, Sir Walter Raleigh contributed to the field of poetry while the noteworthy writer of proses was Francis Bacon. Similarly, each age has its style, technique and pool of writers who strongly represent the age.

Here are some of the advantages of getting acquainted with the history of English Literature.

Discover World Literature with English Literature

The English language itself is a diverse language that has taken inspiration from various other languages. Even foreign literature influenced English literature from a very early stage. You may be surprised to know that some of the best Shakespearean plays were influenced by the Greek Seneca tragedies.

  • The ancient Greek literary works by Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes have a huge impact on the English playwrights.
  • English literature has even taken reference very often from folklores and gospels.
  • English poetry has been drawing its inspiration from various philosophies from every part of the world.
  • The Carpe Diem philosophy enthused poets such as John Donne whereas pantheism attracted romantic poets like William Wordsworth, P.B. Shelley and John Keats.
  • T.S. Elliot was influenced by the oriental philosophies and even wrote the preface for Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel winning poetic piece Song Offerings.

Modern English literature has seen the emergence of non-native English writers. From R.K. Narayan to Kazuo Ishiguro, modern and postmodern English literature have been truly global.

The Top Universities in India for English Literature

A degree in English literature provides you vital abilities and skills that would help you thrive in a vast range of career options. With the help of this degree you can learn, understand and fundamentally grasp how literary works. With a masters in English literature you can get into fields such as mass communication, journalism, advertising and consultancy.

The best colleges in India for English Literature are as follows:

  • St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi
  • St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
  • Hansraj College, New Delhi
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai
  • Ferguson College, Pune

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate degree’s

For most universities, the following are the requirements for admission to a college’s undergraduate English Literature program:

  • To meet the minimum qualifying criterion, the student must have finished their 10+2 level exams with at least a 50% score from a recognized board.
  • English must have been studied as part of the student’s core studies.

Eligibility Criteria for Postgraduate 

The Postgraduate in English Literature courses has the same qualifying requirements as other Postgraduate programs. 

The following are the fundamental eligibility requirements that applicants must meet:

  • Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree in English or a comparable degree from a recognized university.
  • Applicants must have received a minimum aggregate of 50% or above at the qualifying level.

Job Opportunities after Bachelor of Arts (BA), English Literature Degree:

English literature enables you to have a control over the language and it opens up a vast amount of opportunities for you. The following are the career opportunities in this field:

  • Content editor: Structure and edit content for your next job. Understand how complex the world of content writing is and become an editor.

Average salary: INR 8 Lacs – INR 10 Lacs per annum (*depending on experience)

  • Advertising specialist: Make the perfect advertisement and pitch for your ad agency or newspaper agency.

Average salary: INR 7 Lacs – INR 8 Lacs Per annum

  • Certified English Tutor: Join online teaching platforms or become a home tutor in India. Earn money sitting at home or online through skype/zoom.

Average salary: INR 5 Lacs – INR 10 Lacs

  • Journalist: Write and publish the next big news. Journalism has numerous fields and choices such as financial, educational, political among others.

Average Salary: INR 8 Lacs – INR 10 Lacs

Why Should One Pursue A Course In The English Language?

Language is the medium of expression of literary works. The English language has a rich history, like the literature itself. Latin is the mother of most European languages, and English is indebted to Latin as well. However, English has drawn influence from various other languages and taken several words and phrases directly.

The colonial history of the European nations, particularly England, has made it possible for the English language. Therefore, when you study the English language, which is a significant part of English literature, you will get to know how it has grown and progressed with time.   

The world of English is expanding rapidly, English is no longer just for communication, it has become a necessity. Expand your vocabulary and learn English to broaden up your career opportunities in the near future.

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