Learning Apps for 17-year olds

Are you looking for learning apps, tools, and resources that you can use with 17-year olds? If so, we have you covered. Check out our list below. Let us know if there are any that we missed.

Khan Academy– Khan Academy has more than 40,000 interactive Common Core-aligned practice questions and above 10,000 videos and explanations in economics, history, math, and more. This is the best study app and tutoring app for students of all ages who are struggling in science and other subjects. You can easily bookmark your best content to “Your List,”  which can be used offline when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Membean – This is a vocabulary-building tutor that offers lessons for private studying and test prep classes (SAT and GRE). Teachers can create curriculums, pre-assess students, and set milestones for every week. Membean can be used for children with special needs. The dashboard helps the teacher to record and report performance, mark scripts, and monitor submissions.

Kialo – Kialo is a free platform created to host insightful debates and discuss complex issues. Users can join in on current discussions or create new threads, and these threads can be made open or restricted to the public. After the topic is out, users can either be for (pro) or against (con) and add their opinions (claims). Kialo allows topic creators to moderate claims so that they are fresh, stay on topic, and are non-offensive.

3-D Slash – This is a 3-D environment that allows users to build virtual models and save them for future use. Simple controls are used to edit elements in the app. There is a variety of instructional materials and resources, which can be used to gain more knowledge about 3-D slash.

Argument Wars – This app lets kids enjoy a little courtroom drama while learning. Kids create avatars that argue against one another and win points for sound argument and reasoned objections. Basically, the student with the best-case wins. The argument goes back and forth with both sides earning and losing points until the debate is won.

Animoto – Animoto can be used to create video slideshows; it uses a simple and easy to navigate interface. Video slideshows can be created in just a few simple steps. Once the user is satisfied with their creation, they can share it via a link, export it to YouTube, or download it.

Smiling Mind– Developed by educators and psychologists, Smiling Mind is a mindfulness meditation program. It has both a web and app-based interface dedicated to helping people deal with the pressure and stress of everyday life. There are a variety of tailored programs for different age groups and challenges, including sports, mindfulness in the classroom, 7-9 year olds, 10-12 year olds, 13-15 year olds, and 16-18 year olds. Smiling Mind’s app allows you to track progress and offers a variety of different meditation lengths to meet your students’ individual needs.

3D Molecules Edit & Test Interactive Simulations– Helps high school or college chemistry students learn by building 3-D models of organic and inorganic compounds for simple practice or for 3-D printing. Molecules can be viewed in 3-D using the stick, ball, and stick and space-filling (CPK) models. 

Cell and Cell Structure Flashcards– This app presents the basic unit of life to middle school students, using detailed, stunning images 2-D and 3-D images. It is useful as a revision tool for high school students; teachers can use it as a great explanation tool.  

Code Avengers– This platform teaches advanced levels of students to program using real code. It includes immersive courses that teach web and app development as well as languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Teachers get real-time feedback, alerting them to areas where students might require assistance. It is most useful for students at the high school and higher levels who want to learn to program.  

Albert– Albert is an online tool to help students prepare for AP (Advanced Placement) and standardized tests. Albert includes over 20,000 questions, all with in-depth explanations and answers so that a student can master every question. In alignment with College Board, Albert is one of only a few fully updated resources for test prep. Thousands of students have used Albert and have increased their test scores, proving its effectiveness.

QuizletFlashcards– This is a mode of the Quizlet app that allows students to use customized digital flashcards or choose from the 150 million flashcards created by other students. Students can choose from several modes to study with the flashcards including, multiple choice tests and study games. The possibilities are endless; the student can customize their flashcards using images and audio, or they can use this app to study on dozens of other quizlet apps. Quizlet flashcards are available for high school students, college students, grad students, and more.

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