Legend of the Seas: A Look Inside the Massive RMS Queen Mary


The RMS Queen Mary is a legendary ocean liner that once ruled the seas. Launched in 1936, she served as both a luxury cruise vessel and a powerful wartime transport during her illustrious career. Today, the Queen Mary is permanently docked in Long Beach, California and serves as a historic attraction and hotel, allowing visitors to step back in time and explore its magnificent interior. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of this mighty vessel and reveal some of its fascinating stories.

A Brief History:

The construction of the RMS Queen Mary began in 1930, but due to the Great Depression, work was halted until 1934. Once completed, she reigned supreme as the largest and fastest ocean liner of her time. Throughout her service, the Queen Mary provided unmatched luxury to her passengers and earned a place alongside other iconic ships like the Titanic and the SS United States.

Wartime Service:

During World War II, the Queen Mary was repainted grey and refitted as a troopship. Her speed made her an invaluable asset for transporting Allied troops across dangerous waters. She was nicknamed “The Grey Ghost” due to her ability to outrun enemy submarines.

Interior Elegance:

Step inside the RMS Queen Mary, and you’ll instantly be transported back to an era of glamour and elegance. From its opulent ballrooms to stunning dining rooms, every inch of this vessel pays homage to the golden age of transatlantic travel.

One standout feature is the Grand Salon, which showcases beautiful wood paneling and ornate artwork. Imagine attending one of the high-society parties held within these walls – where movie
stars, royalty, and other luminaries rubbed elbows during their lavish journeys across the seas.

Ghost Stories:

With such a storied past comes an abundance of ghostly tales associated with the Queen Mary. Some say that strange occurrences happen within her hull – from unexplainable temperature changes to ghostly apparitions. The ship has even been featured on popular paranormal investigation TV shows in an attempt to uncover its spectral secrets.

Visiting the RMS Queen Mary Today:

Today, the Queen Mary is permanently docked in Long Beach and welcomes visitors from around the world. The vessel now serves as a historic hotel, offering guests a unique and luxurious stay within its beautifully restored staterooms. In addition to being a hotel, various events, tours, and attractions allow guests to experience the grandeur of this iconic ocean liner.


The RMS Queen Mary is a true testament to the glory days of transatlantic travel. With her incredible history, exquisite design, and captivating tales of adventure and haunting, she continues to fascinate those who step aboard. Whether you’re a history buff or simply someone seeking a unique experience, a visit to the RMS Queen Mary is sure to be an unforgettable journey into the past.

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