Lego Organization and Storage Ideas

I have a 5, going on 6-year-old son who loves building things with Legos. The only issue is that he leaves his Legos all over the house. To combat this, I started researching Lego organization and storage ideas that we could use to restore some order to our household. I decided to share the best of these ideas

Easy LEGO Storage

This cheap LEGO storage organizer is cool.

Hanging Bins

Here is a guide on making  Open Displayed Hanging Bins, which are perfect for easy building access.


This fun idea creates a LEGO Wall for building and storage. I love that it is beautiful and functional.

Hanging LEGO Buckets

What a cool look these Hanging Building Buckets give!

Sorting Labels

This is a good idea from the Organised Housewife for LEGO Sorting Labels to use on bins or drawers. So smart for LEGO storage!

Lego Drawers Sorted by Color

Drawers Sorted by Color for LEGO bricks will be perfect for kids who like their bricks tidy.


This idea to create Build LEGO Desk drawers for a building desk is from HoneyBear Lane.

LEGO Desk Hack

Another IKEA LEGO Desk Hack with this LEGO storage desk that could be expanded for several kids.  I like that the desk height is changeable as the child grows.

Plastic Desk

This Plastic Build Desk is created from inexpensive plastic containers and shelving units.


These Build Buckets are good for catching those work-in-progress projects when you need a quick clean-up.

Underbed Storage

For small spaces, check out this Under-bed Storage project from Daniel Sicolo.

Covered Bins

The solution of using Covered Building Bins work in real situations!

Coffee Table

Is it a LEGO coffee table?  These ideas are good for living rooms that don’t want to be all kid all the time.

Under Table Drawers

This illustrates how Drawers Under Table from Ikea Hackers can keep our LEGOs organized.

Shelving Unit LEGO Organization

This LEGO Organization Shelving Unit idea solves LEGO disorganization issues!

Plastic Sorter

Here is an inexpensive Plastic Drawer Sorter set to color sort LEGOs.  It works because the colors show through the nearly-clear removable drawers.

Big Collection LEGO Organizer

This useful LEGO organizer For Big Collections was created from a crafting organizer and works great for LEGO bricks and accessories.


This lovely project from SnapGuide has covered {necessity!} and display spaces for these LEGO-themed Shelving.


These Minifigure Stands are cool.

Built-in Shelves LEGO Closet

I love this LEGO Closet with Built-in Shelves.

Hanging Buckets

This fun idea from Kojo Designs has Hanging Buckets off a build space and magnetized storage solutions.

LEGO Tray Hideaway

Here is a low-profile Hide-away LEGO Tray slip under the couch for a LEGO play surface.

Garage Storage

The  Garage Storage Boxes create a corner for kids to build.



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