Let’s Distinguish Online From Virtual: It’s Time To Stop Calling All Online Interactions “Virtual”

It’s time to stop calling all online interactions “virtual.” In fact, some online interactions can be a lot more real than others!

When we talk about virtual interactions, we’re usually referring to the experiences we have with technologies like the internet, video games, and social media. These technologies allow us to interact with others over a digital medium, and they provide us with a lot of entertainment and socialization opportunities.

But there are other types of online interactions that deserve to be called “real.” For example, some people might consider meeting in person to be a virtual interaction, because they’re not actually meeting each other in person. Meeting online, on the other hand, can be a real interaction, because the two people are actually meeting.

In other words, there’s no need to use the term “virtual” to refer to all online interactions, and the term “real” can be used to refer to some online interactions, as well. It’s time to stop using the term “virtual” indiscriminately, and to start using the term “real” to refer to different types of online interactions.

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