Letter P Activities for Preschool Students

There are many activities that can be done during the early years of teaching and learning. These Letter P Activities for Preschool Students will help to stimulate different types of thinking and creativity in your students.

1. The Pigeon Wants a Puppy by Mo Willems

This fun book will introduce children to the letter P sound as they follow the pigeon who wants a puppy really badly! (Like really, really badly!)

2. Pigs Love Potatoes by Anika Denise

Starting with one piglet wanting potatoes to all the pigs wanting some, this cute book is a great introduction to the letter P (and it even teaches manners!).

3. The Three Little Pigs

No preschool curriculum is complete without The Three Little Pigs, and what better week to read it than during your P week? Children will love huffing and puffing like the big, bad wolf, and they’ll also love it when the pigs outsmart the wolf!

4. If You Give a Pig a Pancake by Laura Numeroff

Following the same pig theme, children will love this book about what happens when you give a pig a pancake (hint: it involves syrup)! After, introduce children to the book that started the series: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!

5. The Letter P Song by ABCMouse

This fun song will help children with letter recognition as they dance along to this country-style song all about the letter P! There isn’t a video with more P words than this one!

More Information: ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy

6. Letter P – Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew

This engaging 12-minute video has a collection of letter P songs as well as interactive cartoons where Olive and her friends discuss all the letter P things in their world. This video is great for introducing or furthering children’s knowledge of this fun letter.

More Information: PeachBlossomMedia

7. Sesame Street Letter P

You can never go wrong with a classic like Sesame Street when looking for ways to bring any letter to life! Children will have a better understanding of the letter P after watching this fun, informational video filled with lots of letter P examples.

More Information: DTubedify

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