Leveraging Learner Variability to Elevate Equity in Education technology

All classrooms will have their fair share of challenges. For instance, learners’ various learning styles and techniques can pose a problem for the educator, as they will have to adapt lessons to suit everybody in the classroom. 

Learner variability is a phrase used to describe the uniqueness and differences of all learners. Educators should design their curriculum and lessons to supplement all learning styles, allowing every learner to thrive and grow while in school. 

This piece will discuss how educators can leverage learner variability to elevate equity in education technology.

Education technology in the Classroom

Education technology, or educational tech, is a term used to describe tech or electronic devices used to enhance learning in the classroom. Educators and schools worldwide are beginning to incorporate contemporary tech into their syllabus for various reasons. 

Studies have found that many learners respond better to lessons when they are taught using tech. However, with that being said, a few learners prefer the old-fashioned way of learning (face-to-face teaching). Some learners do not absorb information well when presented to them through an image or video. 

For this reason, education technology is not favored by all children, making it critical that educators find ways to suit this learner variability during their lessons. 

Using Apps and Tools to Suit Learner Variability

There are apps and tools that educators can use to suit learner variability. For example, the new Pedagogue app allows learners to access work from any remote location. This serves learners who work better independently, as they can complete schoolwork in their own time. 

Certain children will absorb information well when it is presented to them in a video format. Using apps such as YouTube will be beneficial to some and not others. But as we have already mentioned, not all learners respond well to these sorts of lessons, meaning educators should also incorporate other formats, such as face-to-face teaching. 

Elevating Equity in Education technology

Educators must find a way to elevate equity when using education technology in the classroom. They can do this by using apps and tools that will suit the different learning styles of every learner. 

Educators must find a balance between using education technology and face-to-face teaching. Although tech is great for extra practice, revision and explaining work more thoroughly, the educator still needs to interact with the learners and help them with any issues. 


Most schools and educators are turning to education technology to provide learners with more engaging and versatile lessons. However, educators must incorporate education technology in a way that suits the learner variability in the classroom. 

They can do this by using several apps and tools that supplement the learning styles and techniques of every learner. Additionally, they should ensure that tech is not too heavily relied on for lessons.

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