Liberalism: Everything You Need to Know

Liberalism is the belief in the ideology of giving all people access to the most individual freedom that can be given and protecting their individual freedom via the due process of the law. Liberalists are generally quite progressive individuals and are open to change. Their ideology aims to uphold the progress of all humans and the complete liberation of human rights. They are strongly against the prohibition of individual liberties. 

Liberalists believe that the total liberation of human rights is the only way for there to be progress on a global scale. The ideology covers important elements such as politics, economy, education, secularism, property, etc. The liberalists believe that it is wrong for the government to interfere with business transactions. They believe that all individuals should be free to compete in the market and have the liberty to buy and sell property. 

They also believe that employers should have the freedom to hire and fire employees as they deem fit, and investors should be given the liberty to invest and make a profit as they choose to. However, liberalists disagree among themselves concerning the extent to which the government should be allowed to regulate the economy and exactly how much freedom is too much freedom. 

Liberalists suggest that humans have the ability to think rationally and if given the right education and support, any person can be reasonable. They emphasize the use of teaching methods that are supportive and will help people develop their intelligence and rationality. 

Secularism is an ideology that believes in the separation of church and state. A good number of secularists are religious people, but they hold the belief that religious belief is a personal matter and, as such, should not be imposed on others and must be kept completely away from public education. 

Individualism is the belief that individuals hold the right to express and retain rights that cannot be affected by the government or any other institution. Individualism is sometimes confused with secularism, but it is a branch of secularism and isn’t synonymous with it. 

Secularists emphasize the importance of common agreement when it comes to educational and political matters. Secularists typically support groups they consider to be progressive. Secularists strongly believe in the equal education of all people. They also believe political education should be included in the educational system so that every citizen will have a basic knowledge of the political system and be able to make educated political decisions.

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