Libraries are the Key to Teaching Digital Literacy

Public libraries and school libraries are essential for teaching digital literacy. Libraries offer much more than books. Today’s libraries are tech hubs where anyone can access and use tech daily. As more tech emerges and the amount of online content grows, libraries are at the forefront of teaching library patrons digital literacy. 

Digital literacy extends beyond the classroom walls. Public libraries are important for teaching digital literacy to the public. Contemplating the connection between digital literacy and success, it is easy to see this is an important skill. Since libraries provide access to tech and teach patrons, astute info seekers, libraries are the key to teaching digital literacy. Let’s look at more ways libraries fill this necessary role.

Provide Access to Tech

Libraries are often the first venues to introduce new technologies and provide access to tech to the public. Within school environments, librarians curate tech and online resources for educators and learners, and the libraries offer spaces for individuals to use the tech and make content. 

Teach Tech Users How to Use It 

As patrons and learners use tech in libraries, librarians are tasked with teaching them how to use it appropriately. Digital literacy involves knowing how to use tech appropriately. This includes teaching people how to navigate new devices and computers. If a library develops a collection of digital resources, but learners are not taught how to use them, the resources are worthless. 

Stress the Importance of Assessing Content

The key is understanding how to identify and assess digital content. Librarians have always taught the masses how to be smart consumers of info by assessing one’s sources. However, with the alarming number of learners who cannot differentiate between real and fake news, it is more important than ever to stress evaluating content.

Teach Educators

Finally, a library teaches educators. By enabling librarians to take on a leadership role in their schools, librarians can curate educational tech and online content that supports educators and teach them how to use it in their classrooms. 

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