List of Colleges and Universities in Mississippi

Mississippi is home to a number of outstanding colleges and universities, each with their own unique histories, academic programs, and student experiences. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a degree in the liberal arts, engineering, business, or the sciences, there’s sure to be a school in Mississippi that’s a good fit for you. To help you get started in your college search, here’s a rundown of some of the state’s top institutions of higher education.

1) University of Mississippi (Ole Miss):

Located in Oxford, Mississippi, Ole Miss is the state’s flagship university and is known for its strong programs in business, engineering, journalism, and law. The campus is stunning, with a mix of historic and modern buildings, and there’s always something going on, whether it’s a football game or a lecture on civil rights.

2) Mississippi State University:

Located in Starkville, Mississippi, MSU is a comprehensive, research-oriented university with top-ranked programs in agriculture, engineering, and veterinary medicine. The campus is spread out over more than 4,200 acres, and there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in research or internships.

3) University of Southern Mississippi:

Located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USM is a public research university with strong programs in the arts, education, and healthcare. The campus is known for its beautiful architecture and has a lively student body.

4) Jackson State University:

Located in Jackson, Mississippi, JSU is a historically black university with a focus on STEM programs and education. The campus has a great sense of community and is home to many campus organizations.

5) Alcorn State University:

Located in Lorman, Mississippi, Alcorn State is a public, historically black university with a strong focus on agribusiness, nursing, and education. The campus is surrounded by idyllic farmland and has a down-to-earth vibe.

6) Delta State University:

Located in Cleveland, Mississippi, Delta State is a regional university with a strong focus on the arts, education, and aviation. The campus is small and friendly, and students can take advantage of the school’s proximity to nearby attractions like the Mississippi Delta Blues Museum.

7) Mississippi College:

Located in Clinton, Mississippi, MC is a private, Christian university with an emphasis on the liberal arts and professional programs like nursing and business. The campus is beautiful, with a mix of historic and modern buildings, and the school has a strong sense of community.

8) Tougaloo College:

Located in Tougaloo, Mississippi, Tougaloo is a small, private liberal arts college with a focus on social justice and community service. The campus has a strong civil rights history and is home to many campus organizations and events.

Overall, Mississippi is home to a diverse array of colleges and universities, each with its own strengths and opportunities for students. By researching each school and finding the one that’s the best fit for you, you can set yourself up for success both academically and personally.

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