Little Caesars Fundraising’s “Dinner’s on Us!” Giveaway: A Delicious Way to Support Your Community


Little Caesars Fundraising has always been an active participant in giving back to communities through various initiatives and programs. The most recent of these exciting ventures is their “Dinner’s on Us!” giveaway. This event allows you to support your local organizations while enjoying a delicious meal from the beloved pizza franchise. In this article, we will discuss the “Dinner’s on Us!” giveaway in detail and explain how you can participate.

What is the “Dinner’s on Us!” Giveaway?

The “Dinner’s on Us!” giveaway is a fundraising initiative launched by Little Caesars Fundraising with the primary goal of supporting local non-profit organizations, schools, and sports teams. By entering the giveaway, participants have a chance to win free Little Caesars Pizza for an entire year – all while contributing to their community’s well-being.

How Does It Work?

To participate in this fantastic giveaway, simply purchase a Little Caesars Fundraising coupon booklet from a participating local organization. These booklets contain valuable coupons that offer discounts on various Little Caesars menu items. Upon purchasing the booklet, you will receive an entry code that can be used to enter the giveaway online at Little Caesars Fundraising’s official website.

Once entered, your name will be included in a random drawing for a chance to win one of three prizes:

1. Grand Prize: Free Little Caesars Pizza for an entire year – awarded as 52 prepaid Gift Cards for any participating Little Caesars location.

2. Second Prize: $500 cash.

3. Third Prize: A pizza party for up to 50 people.

The more booklets you buy, the more chances you have of winning these fabulous prizes.

Why Participate in “Dinner’s on Us!” Giveaway?

By participating in the “Dinner’s on Us!” giveaway, not only are you contributing to your community’s improvement, but you also have a chance to win amazing prizes. Some more reasons to participate include:

1. Support Non-Profit Organizations: The proceeds from every booklet sold go directly to the respective local organization, aiding them in continued success and fostering a sense of community.

2. Save on Delicious Pizza: The coupon booklets provide great deals on your favorite Little Caesars menu items, allowing you to save money while enjoying mouth-watering pizza.

3. Opportunity for Socializing: Winning the third-place prize of a pizza party for up to 50 people is an excellent opportunity to gather friends, family, or coworkers for a fun time over some delicious pizza.


Little Caesars Fundraising’s “Dinner’s on Us!” giveaway is more than just an opportunity to win free pizza for a year. It is an initiative that effectively supports local organizations in their quest for growth and achievement. So why not make your next meal count by participating in this remarkable giveaway that benefits not only you but also your community?

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