Logical Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

Every parent will agree that children need boundaries and consequences for crossing them. However, sometimes the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. You may wonder why it matters. The simple answer is that logical consequences for inappropriate behavior make parenting easier. You might be saying, “easier parenting? Sign me up!” Or, you may be skeptical of such a grandiose claim.

The basic idea is that parents should give children consequences, both good and bad, which correspond to their own choices. This way, children are in effect choosing their own punishment or reward. Here are the three ways giving kids logical consequences for their inappropriate behavior makes parenting simpler.

  1. Enforcing Safety Rules

It’s easy to implement logical consequences when safety is a factor. Young children often push boundaries into dangerous territory. Parents can discourage hazardous choices by employing logical ramifications for those instances. For example, a child who refuses to wear a helmet when riding a bike will have their bike taken away. These types of logical consequences keep children from making repeated unsafe choices. Over time your kid will learn that having fun is easier when they follow the rules.

  1. Helping Kids Understand their Decisions

Parents who use logical consequences can explain what was wrong and why the punishment is necessary. Explanations like “I said so,” are frustrating for children and often result in repeated challenges to authority. Meanwhile, making sure your child understands what they did, why it was wrong, and why they must suffer the consequences can hinder future occurrences.

  1. Encouraging Self-Discipline

Logical consequences help children think through their actions. They understand what they have done wrong and how the resulting consequence related to that activity. Over time, this can help kids learn self-discipline. Children will develop an understanding of the rules and be able to decide which course of action will get them a positive result versus a negative one.

Using logical consequences with your children is a sensible approach to parenting. Instead of ruling over your kids like an authoritarian leader, it allows you to involve them in their own upbringing. Children feel more in control and can work with you for a pleasant household. No one wants to be the bad guy, and this simple method can ensure you won’t need to be.

How have you employed logical consequences with your kids? What parenting methods do you prefer? We want to hear your feedback.



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