M-learning Should Disrupt What “School” Is

Educators know that “m-learning” means shifting work and activities from the journal to the tablet. Of course, that’s part of it, but it’s also selling the practice way shorter than it should be.

There are numerous benefits to m-learning, both for the educators and the learners. We tend to overlook, or otherwise miss them entirely in the day-to-day operation of things. You see, we’re all familiar with m-learning; some of us have even completely integrated its use into our digital classrooms. However, m-learning has an untapped potential that can reshape our entire idea of “school” for better or worse.

We’re not the only ones who’ve thought about this. There’s an entire network of educators just waiting to be discovered. Head over to Pedagogue to sign up for free right now and instantly get in touch with like-minded individuals. Read on to find out how m-learning may change the school environment forever.

M-learning Means M-learning

Quite possibly, the overlooked aspect of this relatively recent development is the inherent mobility it provides. The opportunities that follow are numerous. 

It means both educators and learners can transform any space into a learning environment. Teaching and learning are no longer restricted to a small classroom as they will now have unparalleled freedom to grow.

M-learning Shifts the School Environment

This is somewhat related to the previous point, but we’re approaching it from a more esoteric angle. As the title reads, m-learning should disrupt what school is, meaning it will completely alter the way educators and learners perceive our educational environments. The impact that m-learning will have on schools will also affect their immediate communities for better or worse.

M-learning Shifts the School “Culture”

We all know how toxic a school environment can be for both educators and learners, and m-learning can help alleviate that pain. Our understanding of social hierarchies will change, many likely for the better, as kids will be less concerned with popularity. They will be more worried about excelling in their studies.


There you have it. Those are just some of how m-learning will affect education and the school environment as a whole. If this piece tickled your fancy, you might also enjoy this one

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