M-learning: The Good and the Bad

M-learning is becoming more and more popular in the mobile-tech-driven world we live in today. It comes from the constant changes in the digital world, but there are two sides to everything. 

As with many things, there are different benefits and detriments to m-learning; and these are essential things to know. In this piece, we’re going to discuss what precisely m-learning is, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

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An Overview of M-learning

As we mentioned earlier, m-learning is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon. Also called mLearning, m-learning is a new way for learners and trainees to access a plethora of educational content online by using their mobile devices. 

Most learners use their mobile phones to access information and material related to their education, whether because of convenience or because it is the only device they have that has access to the Internet. Many schools and colleges support m-learning by distributing laptops and mobile phones to learners and encouraging their use. 

Although m-learning might be fun for younger learners if used correctly and gamified, it can also benefit older, adult learners. There are tplenty of educational apps out there, and they are becoming more popular amongst educators and learners – most educators use them to supplement their learning.

The Good

One of the many beneficial aspects of m-learning is its access. Since m-learning revolves around studying using a mobile device and the Internet, m-learning can occur anywhere as long as learners have a mobile phone and a reliable internet connection. 

The other main benefit of m-learning is that it is not bound by geography. Even if you’re living in Australia, you can still access the same courses and materials that a learner in the United States can access. The content can also be accessed at any time of the day, removing any time restrictions. 

Finally, the sheer amount of online learning content that is on the Internet is something to behold. Thanks to its variety, it is extremely easy to access. Anyone from around the world can access any online learning content they want for any topic or subject. 

The Bad

As alluring as m-learning may sound, it is not without its disadvantages. The prominent disadvantages are software, which can pose compatibility problems if a class uses the same LMS but has different versions. The software also tends to crash unexpectedly, which can cause catastrophic loss of learner data. 

There are also some issues when it comes to hardware as well. Mobile devices tend to wear down over time, be it from overuse, dust, or negligence. When a mobile device is on its last legs, it becomes quite challenging to use. It can significantly hinder the m-learning process. 

Access to devices can also be a problem. Not every learner has access to a mobile device, so it will be up to the educator to try and assist them in obtaining one as fast as possible. If this does not happen, that learner will be unable to partake in m-learning, rendering the strategy ineffective.


There is a lot to like about m-learning. It is a convenient and accessible way for millions of learners to receive an education, but, as you can see, it is not without its cons. However, m-learning is set to change education for good. 

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