Magnet Facts for Kids

Magnets are fascinating objects that have been used by humans for many centuries. A magnet is a material that is capable of attracting or repelling other materials, especially iron or steel. They are used in a variety of applications including electricity generation, motors, and even in our everyday lives such as when we use a refrigerator magnet. Let’s take a look at some magnet facts for kids.

1. All magnets have two poles – north and south. When two magnets are brought close to each other, opposite poles attract each other while similar poles repel each other.

2. The Earth itself is one giant magnet. The magnetic North Pole is located in Canada while the magnetic South Pole is located in Antarctica.

3. Magnets can be made in various sizes and shapes. They come in different forms such as bar magnets, horseshoe magnets and ring magnets.

4. Iron, cobalt, and nickel are the most magnetic elements. They are used to make permanent magnets.

5. Magnetism can also be induced in some materials by exposing them to magnetic fields, such as iron filings.

6. Magnets can be demagnetized by heating, pounding, or dropping. You can easily make a magnet lose its magnetism by exposing it to a high temperature.

7. The magnetic field of a magnet surrounds it from all sides. The field is strongest at the poles and decreases as you move away from them.

8. The compass is an instrument that uses magnetism to point towards the north pole. It has been used by sailors and explorers for centuries to navigate their way through unknown waters.

9. The strength of a magnet is measured in units called ‘gauss.’ The higher the gauss number, the stronger the magnetic field.

10. A magnet can lose its strength over time due to natural decay. However, if the magnet is kept away from heat and other magnets, it can retain its magnetic properties for a long time.

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